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Established in 1958, the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is the oldest arena curling club in the United States. SFBACC is a nationally-recognized leader in curling development, providing learning opportunities, youth scholarships, competitive development, recreational leagues, corporate and private events, and more. We have already taught thousands of Bay Area residents to curl in the year since the 2014 Olympics. Now, we are raising funds to build a dedicated curling center right here in the Bay Area so that we can take these programs to the next level. Will you join us?

A Great #GivingTuesday

Thanks to all of our members and supporters who participated in #GivingTuesday, along with Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, on November 28! We've now raised more than $12,000 for dedicated ice through Facebook donations, and we're closer than ever to building our new home in Oakland—bringing expanded programming to our current athletes, new curlers, and our local youth, disabled, and corporate communities.

As a bonus, Facebook have decided to permanently waive transaction fees on charitable donations, making this the BEST way to give your end-of-year tax deductible donation to SFBACC! Just visit facebook.com/bayareacurling/fundraisers and click Donate. Even small donations make a big difference!

Thanks for a great Non-spiel!

SFBACC, you rock. Thanks to all our curlers, friends, family, and volunteers who made last weekend's Non-spiel fundraiser a huge success. We raised over $4,000 for our buildout, and more importantly, it felt like a curling club as we watched the Olympic trials, played a few (non-curling) games, and enjoyed some good food, drink, and music.

Thanks to our friends at Novel Brewing Company who donated kegs to the cause, as well as the about 2 dozen members who donated their time, food, equipment, raffle & auction items, and more so that we could pull it all off.


Last Week in Dedicated Ice

It’s been a busy week or so in the world of dedicated ice—read on for the latest!


Permits are happening! Earlier this week, we submitted paperwork for our Conditional Use Permit (CUP), which allows the City of Oakland to consider the compatibility of our intended use (spoiler alert: a curling club) with the surrounding neighborhood. The required documents will also form the basis of our application for a building permit, which will be filed in parallel so that we can minimize the total time needed for permitting. Altogether we are hoping to have the approvals necessary to begin construction in early 2018.


Our fundraising efforts are beginning, and we’re thrilled to note that since we kicked off our monthly recurring donation drive, we’ve already raised more than $4500 from members. If you aren’t participating yet, what are you waiting for? Even $10 per month goes a long way (and gets you a special pin)!  We’ve also started offering our expansive parking lot to sports fans during Raiders (and soon Warriors) games—and we’re getting pretty good at it, raising more than $1800 across two dates so far. We’re making great progress on upcoming plans to engage friends & family, former members, the larger curling community, and potential corporate supporters as we expand our reach—so stay tuned.


We’re hosting a bonspiel (sort of)! Save the date of November 18th for a “Nonspiel” at the new building. It’ll be all the fun of a bonspiel without the curling, and a great opportunity to check out the new place. This family-friendly event will kick-off at 2PM and continue throughout the evening. There will be games, food, beer and wine, raffles, curling games on the big screen, and a fun dodgeball tournament with prizes! Bring your family, friends, and anyone else who is interested in our new facility. Registration details are coming soon. Hope to see you there!

What Else

The little things matter, too. Members of the Dedicated Ice committee have been actively making arrangements for building security, waste management, internet access, and more.

How You Can Help

Want to get involved? Join the fun! Whether you’re able to offer your volunteerism, supplies & materials, or just a personal connection to someone who might be able to help make the dream happen, we want to hear from you! Reach out at ice@bayareacurling.com to get in touch.

We hope you’re as thrilled as we are with the progress so far. There’s much more to come.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Together we’ve raised over a quarter million dollars for dedicated ice—an amazing achievement. But we’ve still got a long way to go.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on simple ways you can help, from fundraising tips to volunteer opportunities. One of the little ways you can make a big impact right now is by setting up a recurring monthly donation for a small amount. Pick an amount your pockets won’t miss too much and “set it and forget it.” Your contribution will be deducted monthly, just like your Spotify subscription, and of course you’ll still receive a receipt for tax time.

Click here to set up a recurring donation >>

Small contributions like this add up. In fact, if 100 people sign up to contribute $25 a month (that's one spare fee!), we'll raise $15,000 just from small, automatic donations your wallet won’t miss.

Are you in? Donate monthly >>