Name our Ice King – Contender Round

Vote for your favorite names for our Ice King! The top 16 will go through to our “Sweep 16” round.


Each $1 donation gets you 1 vote ($5 minimum). Get 40 votes for $20, 100 votes for $40, or 300 votes for $80 (discount taken in cart – make sure you add your 40, 100, 300, etc votes!). Use them all on your favorite name or spread them around.


The Contender Round closes April 6, 11:59pm PT. Round is closed. The 8 Ender Round is now open. Vote here

Final Contender Round Standings

Mr. Plow 342 votes
Dave Sciacero Memorial Ice King 203 votes
Scrapey McScraperton 117 votes
Deez Nuts 115 votes
Zamboni 55 votes
Plow King 50 votes
Peblo Icecobar 42 votes
Property of Derby City Curling Club 32 votes
Ice Kube 27 votes
Li’l Zambastian 18 votes
Buffy the VampICE Scraper 16 votes
Zamboni Slayer 15 votes
My King-a-Ling 15 votes
X Æ A-12 10 votes
A Scrape from Alcatraz 7 votes
Scraper I Barely Know Her 3 votes
Pebblenezer Scrooge 2 votes
Pebbliminator 1 vote
Shaved Ice 0 votes
San Peblo 0 votes
Scrapezilla 0 votes
Ice Shaver 0 votes
Slick 0 votes




Help San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club name our Ice King! The winning name and credit to the person who submitted the name (if desired) will be immortalized on the Ice King for all to see.

Contender Round
(April 2 – April 6, 11:59pm PT)
Voting during the Contender Round will narrow the field to 16 names. The surviving names will be seeded based on their vote totals during the round.*

Knockout Rounds
(open April 7)
Names will be bracketed according to their seeding. Voting will open for each head-to-head match-up during the round. Winners of each head-to-head remain in; losers are out. Each Knockout Round will eliminate half the names until only 1 champion remains!*

*Tie-breakers: 1st – number of unique donors during round; 2nd – largest single donation during round; 3rd – coin toss