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SFBACC is excited to announce that we have received final building plans for our new dedicated curling facility, submitted our building permit and started to prepare the building for construction. We have also made significant fundraising progress, and are asking for your help to reach the finish line. While it took longer than we would like to work with our architect, we’re thrilled to be locked & loaded for construction. Our current timeline has us opening the doors as early as December, 2018.

As planned, we’ll be building 5 sheets of glorious ice, locker rooms, a warm room, and will be ready to include a mezzanine supporting a larger full-length warm room as funding allows. We expect the permit process to take 6-8 weeks but we are requesting expedited reviews. During this time we will be reaching out to general contractors and subcontractors to submit bids for the work. We will also be preparing to take delivery of our icemaking equipment, which is already contracted for. You can view the overall first and second floor plan below or download the entire submitted architectural plans set here.

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We are working hard to stay close to our initial projected budget of $940,000. Below is a high-level breakdown of major construction cost estimates vs. actual purchases or negotiated costs (where available to date). The bulk of these costs will be due near completion, which dictates our fundraising need and timeline.

In most cases we have come in near our target, and we still hope to find savings in other areas with donated materials and discounted (or DIY) services. The largest overage is due to additional rent costs from our elongated timeline. While we are operating with a significant contingency fund, if we are unable to find additional savings we may need to raise our fundraising target accordingly (see fundraising section below for more details).


Item Original Budget Revised Budget Expenditures + Commitments to Date


$183,000 $132,000 (+$51,000 future months)
Utilities + Insurance $5,000 $5,000 $2,700
Site Inspections $1,500 $1,500 $1,171
Permits $33,000 $33,000 $21,080
Design $27,500 $30,500 $14,050 (+$16,300 future invoice)
Demolition $38,000 $39,000

$0(+$39,000 future invoice)

Site Improvements $45,000 $45,500 $2,500
Ice House $395,000 $395,000 $131,000 (+$268,800 future invoices)
Warm Areas $235,000 $235,000 $0
Security + Fire $65,000 $65,000 $0 (+$64,000 future invoices)
Total $940,000 $1,032,500 $304,501 (+$439,100  future) = $743,601


We have been aggressively pursuing fundraising leads on all fronts, executing to our initial plan including a combination of individual donations, loans, institutional giving, charitable grants, and fundraising events. Most recently, we are announcing here that we have secured a generous $100,000 loan from our friends at Granite Curling Club in Seattle. To date, we have raised more than $628,000, putting us more than two thirds of the way to our initial goal. Our current pipeline of expected grants and donations includes a further $80K not reflected below. In addition, the club is working with a contingency fund of $100,000 against fundraising shortfalls or cost overruns. THANK YOU to those who have already given to so much to help us get to this point.


  Goal Raised Remaining % to Goal
Individual Gifts $500,000  $282,500  $217,500  56%
Loans $300,000  $250,000  $50,000  83%
Institutional $100,000  $40,000  $60,000  40%
Grants $20,000  $17,500  $2,500  88%
Events $20,000  $38,000  ($18,000)  190%


$940,000  $628,000  $312,000  67%


We continue to have several active sponsorship proposals and grant applications in process and are confident in our fundraising team’s ability to meet our institutional giving goals. With individual giving as our largest remaining goal, we are counting on you to get us across the finish line. This has always been a member-driven campaign, and less than $1K per member is standing between us and ice. That’s less than we each pay to curl for 3 seasons on arena ice. Now is the time to see what you can donate, reach out to family and friends, talk to your cousin who works in construction, or start a Facebook fundraiser to help us raise money or reduce costs.

Members who donate $500 or more from 9/19 through the end of October will receive our ICE, ICE, BABY fundraising pin.

We will also be hosting a series of member meetings where you can view our plans in beautiful large-format printout, ask questions, and celebrate our progress. We hope you’ll attend.

  • Wednesday night Broomstacking at Make Westing (The first and third Wednesday of each month, September-November, 9:00 to 10:00PM)–DI Committee members will be present to answer questions and review plans with members on an ongoing basis.
  • More to be announced!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to be in the final stretch, and that each and every one of you will be personally involved in this final push toward a landmark moment in California curling history.

Good curling!

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