Alright, curlers, here’s the latest on Dedicated Ice:

We’ve been working on preparing a Letter of Intent for a lease to the proposed Hayward property located at 3121 Diablo Ave. This document represents a non-binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant (SFBACC) outlying the commercial terms. We expect it will be ready to be sent out this Friday (today), and expect to hear back from the landlord by the end of next week. This document will form the starting point for further lease-related negotiations.

We have also been working on preparing an Administrative Use Permit (AUP) application, which is submitted to the City of Hayward to review and approve our building a curling facility in their city. Once submitted, this will take up to 8 weeks to complete and will be required by the landlord before we are able to sign a lease. The AUP application requires a $5,000 non-refundable fee to be paid with the application. Fortunately, a club member made a directed donation to the Dedicated Ice fund with a special designation to be used only for this AUP fee, allowing the expenditure to be made without impacting existing dedicated ice funds. As any disbursement over $100 requires Board approval, a Board meeting was called (with the written permission of all board members to meet under short notice) to approve releasing these funds as directed. Given the funds were donated expressly for this purpose, the Board voted to approve this expenditure. We anticipate the application will be submitted by end of next week.

Of course, we will not move forward with a lease until the membership has approved to proceed. With the above documents submitted, should the membership grant approval to move forward, we’ll be in good shape to sign a lease within about a month of our membership vote.

Much more to come, stay tuned….

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