The real estate market remains very challenging. Nonetheless, we continue to look for suitable properties to build a DI facility. And, in fact, we have our eyes on one in Oakland off of High St. We were contacted by the broker representing the Burroughs Ave landlord. He has a good understanding of our needs and when he learned that one of his clients wants to sublease part of a large building they lease, he thought of us. After checking it out, it looked very promising so we submitted a proposal to assess their interest. We have been told they are seriously interested. However, we have yet to receive a written response. So until then we just wait and hope for a favorable response.

Mean while, we need to keep actively fundraising. For all of you interested in DI, we would like to challenge you to redirect $25 of your monthly entertainment funds to DI for the next 9 months. You can go to the DI Donate page and set this up very easily. So, have a few less cocktails, beers, or whatever to support SFBACC’s effort to bring DI to the Bay Area and California.

Good curling,
Brian Patrick & Brian Davidson

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