The Dedicated Ice Committee is currently working on several key components to determine if the Diablo Avenue building in Hayward is a viable location for our club’s dedicate ice facility. To start things off, they would like to share the scope of their work with the club members.

Here is what our DI Committee has been up to this week:

  • They sent out a RFP to 3 vendors for ice making equipment. We should soon see a write-up of the equipment we need to buy and prices.
  • Bill McMorris and Michael Lively met with the City of Hayward to discuss the building improvements necessary to receive a permit for creating a DI facility. No surprises were identified, the required improvements include some modifications to accommodate ADA regulations and a fire safety system (meaning, a fire sprinkler system).
  • Next Steps

  • Submit an Administrative Use Permit application to the City of Hayward, which is a formal approval process for the overall dedicate ice project. This permit process is expected to take about 6-8 weeks. Based on the feedback the city gave us from our initial inquires, they do not envision any problems with us getting approval. Once we have this approval, we can move forward with drawing up detailed architectural plans and apply for construction permits.
  • We are currently drafting a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to send to the owner of the Diablo Ave facility which outlines the commercial terms of a lease. This negotiation process is expected to take a few weeks. Once the LOI is signed, we can begin working on the legal language of the lease. Brian Davidson and Brian Patrick are leading this effort with support from Bob Kuhl (from the Wine Country Curling Club), who is a commercial real estate broker.
  • The committee is currently pulling together a member communication schedule which includes distributing the business plan to the members for review. A forum will also be held to allow members to ask questions and discuss any concerns.
  • Finally, a member vote will be held to determine if we should move forward with the Diablo Ave facility. If membership votes to move forward with this facility, we should be ready to start building in April or May.
  • If you see anything in this plan that you think you could help with, please contact Brian Davidson at

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