We received the owner’s response to our Letter of Intent (LOI) on 3/17. We immediately turned around our response by the end of that week (3/21). As it appears to take them a few weeks to reply, we expect to hear back in the next week or two. Next steps are to have an in person meeting. To characterize the main discussion points:

  • Rent/rent abatement/lease commencement – Our objective is to take possession as soon as we are ready (city approves our application and we have enough $ in the bank), but not pay any rent until we are open for curling.
  • Tenant Improvements: We are pushing for the owner to take on the majority of these costs.
  • AUP/CUP – Our preliminary application is submitted, for which we did not have to submit payment. We are scheduled to meet with the city on April 2 to receive their feedback. We anticipate submitting our formal AUP/CUP application shortly thereafter.

    Primarily still in the getting organized phase, and even with that our thermometer is at $113k. The benefit list is finalized and being prettied up by Dave Sciacero for publication. As you know, our initial efforts are focused on the membership. However, we are working on a variety of other paths as well. Once those get nailed down, we can provide a more detailed update.


    Now, this is the exciting stuff! Michael Lively and Tom Dias (with lots of support from Brent and Bill) have put a great deal of thought into a variety of design ideas for the ice house. We have organized an Architectural/Design Committee (Michael/Tom/Bill/Brent/Mike Mizuno/Sarah/Brian D.) which began discussing these ideas last week. We are considering the costs/benefits and hope to put forward a recommendation in the next few weeks. Once the design is agreed to, we can complete a detailed project budget and timeline for Board review.

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