I’m sure that everyone is recovering from the 2014 Golden Gate Bonspiel. Our biggest annual event with teams from around the world was more successful than ever. We’re hoping that next year’s can be even better, hosted at our own clubhouse. Here’s what’s happening on those plans…

[separator] On the lease front, we had another productive meeting with the building owners in Hayward, and we’re negotiating the last few terms. We’re currently awaiting a response on our last proposal, which was submitted on May 23, and we’ll be publishing a new high-level schedule shortly. We have a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) being finalized, so that we can submit our application by the end of June to be on track for Planning Department hearings in September. Construction is currently likely to begin in December, and this will be included in the new overall project schedule.

[separator] The capital cost estimates are being updated to incorporate budget items outside of the ice house. This includes refining our models to break out project phasing, donated materials & services, etc., as more information is known. We’ll continue to publish these at regular intervals as estimates settle.

[separator] Our fundraising, largely from our membership, currently stands at $136,525 raised. This does not include the most recent results from our ongoing telephone campaign or bonspiel, and will be updated soon. To that end, we are still in the process of contacting all club members via phone, with the goal of securing financial support from the vast majority of our members. If you’re an SFBACC member and reading this, what are you waiting for?! Be proactive and get those donations in, before we send a board member to your house for a shakedown 🙂 Our next phase of fundraising will begin soon and include a concerted outreach effort beyond our club, including the general curling community and local businesses.


Lock down July 12th on your calendars for our Poker Tournament at Back 40 Texas BBQ in Pleasant Hill, and are starting to promote this event with other local(ish) curling clubs and the public.


We’ll be continuing to update this blog at least every 2 weeks to coincide with the dedicated ice committee meetings, so check back soon!


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