We have more good dedicated ice news to report!

Our January newsletter described how we identified a potential property in San Leandro, submitted a letter of intent (LOI), and received a counteroffer. We have made great progress since then. Please read on…

We spent considerable time analyzing two pressing concerns: zoning restrictions and our ability to sell alcohol. First, the alcohol issue. Our multiple discussions with a San Leandro planning commissioner and city council member about these issues yielded positive results. There is general support to amend the current zoning regulations to allow our club to serve alcohol. While such amendments are not guaranteed and will not be known until this fall, our discussions with city officials creates a good amount of optimism.

Second, the zoning issue. It appears that the Burroughs Avenue location will support our intended use: to curl on perfect ice seven days a week. Even our partner in this venture, the Bay Area Derby Girls, will be cleared to operate in an adjoining space.

Given our positive advancement with these issues, our architect is working on creating draft building plans of a dedicated curling facility. We will submit a set of these plans for a pre-application review at the recommendation of the city of San Leandro. Their review will detail the necessary tenant improvements (TIs) that our club will have to build, and whether we would be granted a parking exemption since our square footage requires more spaces than we can accommodate. We hope to have all of this completed by mid-March at the latest. We are also consulting a structural engineer to assess the building for mandatory seismic upgrades. With all this information, we will then be able to finalize a capital cost estimate. We are currently working on an initial estimate so we can update the business plan.

Last, but not least, we have gone back and forth with proposals and counter proposals. And, as of last Thursday, we have reached an agreement! Now, don’t get too excited as the owner is reviewing our financials, which is another necessary hurdle. But our hopes remain high. We have much to do over the next four weeks, including a member vote to approve moving forward with this property.

Stay tuned, everyone!

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