Here is an update on the current schedule drivers, with some budget and fundraising notes as well:

Building permit (City of Oakland)

We received a set of drawings from our architect, and are in the phase of internally checking them and having some details revised before we submit them to the City. We did visit the City on June 29 to confirm the application process, and received the positive news that they have hired more reviewers to cut the turnaround times in half.

Permanent power hook-up (PG&E)

We received confirmation that our project should reach the front of the line around August 1, in PG&E’s design department. This is the step that will confirm the size and location of equipment before we get in line with their field crews.

Water hook-ups (EBMUD)

The status is still the same – once the new drawing set is finalized, our sprinkler system vendor will take them to EBMUD to move their process along.

Long lead equipment (chiller, piping system)

After the BAFO (best and final offer) process, the Committee had a detailed deliberation resulting in the selection of Everything Ice (EI) as the preferred vendor. We are currently confirming their scope, schedule, payment, and contract terms.


With the quote from Everything Ice, it is a good milestone to begin refreshing the estimated cost of the project. We are reconfirming the base cost of what we need to open. This will clarify how upgrades and other options may or may not fit in our budget and funding cashflow. We have about $200k remaining in individual fundraising, and when we achieve that, we will be in good shape. So a donation today remains hugely impactful. The corporate fundraising efforts are continuing, and yet another grant application was submitted last week.

As always, if you have additional questions or would like to join the Dedicated Ice team, email!

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