Progress continues towards our dedicated ice efforts! Here’s the latest on what we’ve been up to:

  • We soared past the million dollar fundraising mark and are currently sitting just beyond $1.1M!
  • The new switchgear (control panel for the power) is on site and awaiting installation.
  • All deck sections for around the ice have been fabricated and will be put in place this week.
  • The roof has been patched to remove all the old skylights and access points from legacy equipment.
  • The last batch of sand has arrived to fill in the final section of trench in the parking lot.
  • Our architect and structural engineer will be visiting the planning desk on Friday to submit the remaining updates to our plan set, which will allow us to schedule our first round of inspections.
  • We have a signed contract with EBMUD to connect the fire service lateral (hook our new sprinkler system to the city water line) and we are working on scheduling an install date.
  • As long as there’s no delay with the EBMUD install and we’re able to meet our fundraising goals, we’re still on track for opening in late July!


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