We have received an approved Conditional Use Permit from the City of Oakland, meaning we are approved to use the building as a Curling Club, and are working on the full Construction Drawing Set to submit to the City of Oakland for the Building Permit.

As part of the design process we have been assessing a number of refrigeration and ice floor options to ensure we have the most effective and economical design for a Curling Club in the Bay Area climate. As there aren’t any pre-existing curling clubs in mediterranean climates that we know of, this has required a fair bit of discussion with product engineers and installation experts to ensure we are looking at the right equipment and floor design without getting sold on an “off-the-shelf” solution from colder, dryer regions.

We have raised approximately $315,000 to date, and currently have multiple efforts going to fund-raise from a variety of sources including Members/Friends/Family, Other Curling Clubs, Local and Global Corporations, Non-Profit and Private Grant Funds, and the Local Community. With the kickoff of some new outreach efforts recently, we have received offers for an additional $75,000, and are working hard to convert those offers into transferred funds. Our short term goal is to reach $400,000 by April 1, and to top $500,000 by the start of Construction (May).

In our pursuit of a liquor license, we have realized that it will actually take an act of congress (State Legislature to be precise) to acquire a “club license”, as we have to get “Curling Club” on the list of permissible organizations that is part of the California Code. In order to ensure our curlers do not go thirsty while this effort is undertaken, our team is working with our legislative representative and the Oakland Chamber of Commerce to procure restricted licenses, such as beer-only service, that will enable us to fill the time while the club license is arranged, similar to what has been done in Portland and Phoenix previously.

The Olympic Rush is winding down. Boosted by the US Men’s Gold Medal, locals filled our Learn to Curls, Corporate Events, Lesson Series, and Instructional Leagues. Our current membership has been relentless in spreading their love of the game, and their efforts are already paying off for the club, and our dedicated ice dreams.

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