We continue to make excellent progress in securing a lease at 2085 Burroughs Ave to build a 5 sheet curling club. A notice was sent out announcing a member meeting on May 23 which will conclude with the closing of the member vote authorizing the Board to move forward.

And although we have successfully addressed the hurdles noted in our last DI update, some remain. Meaning, this is not a done deal, but we are working had to address them and plan to have everything sorted out by May 23. Here is a current status:

• Lease Agreement – We have pretty much agreed to terms. The owner wants us to sign this week, but we have explained that our process requires Board review, etc. Also, we are still working to solve for the year’s worth of prepaid rent. As mentioned before, we are in search of a very short term loan to help cover this cost with the expectation that we will pay this off within a year of opening the DI facility.

• Planning & Building Department Review – We are meeting with the city of San Leandro this week to review our plans and to collect their feedback on any requirements we may have missed as well as to confirm parking will not be an issue.

•Business Plan – The updated DI business plan has been posted to the DI website.

•Sublease to Bay Area Derby Girls (BAD) – We continue to work on negotiating a sublease deal with BAD. We do not expect there will be any significant issues.

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