As you have all read, the vote for Dedicated Ice is out. So please be sure to vote, and remember you need to be a current member to vote. Our progress with the building is proceeding really well, though slower than we would like. The lease negotiations are done. We have completed an initial phase 1 design (thank you Sean). We have been frantically working on pulling together all the numbers and finally were able to publish the updated business plan (thank you Sarah, Sean, Bill, Brian P. and Dave S.). Fundraising is in motion (thank you Ann, Dave W. and Mike G.). Have you contributed yet? Note that we have adjusted the fundraising thermometer to represent what we have in the bank (in the DI reserve fund) plus signed donation pledges from members payable following lease signing. The thermometer previously included all funds raised (including past pledges which have expired) and did not account for DI funds spent to date on previous properties we’ve pursued. If you submitted a pledge in the past and would like to renew it for this property contact

Remember that we will have a member meeting next Monday, September 25 beginning at 8pm following our monthly board meeting. Beverages and munchies available and we hope as many of you can come. After the conclusion of the board meeting we will kick off the member Q&A session. Voting will remain open until the conclusion of the member meeting.

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