DI Enthusiasts,

It has been a while since our last post to share the disappointing news about Bigge Street. Since then we have been scouring the real estate market throughout the Bay Area looking for suitable buildings. We have had a few bites, but continue to lose out to other tenants – one prepaid the first year’s rent! Well, now we have some encouraging news.

We have identified a potential property in Oakland, just south of the Coliseum (and 1/2 mile from BART). It is referred to as the Dobake building – 810 81st Ave. It originally was Mothers Cookies then taken over by Dobake Bakery and recently vacated. We considered several different configurations as there is over 120,000 sq. feet to choose from. We also showed the space to the Bay Area Derby Girls, who we were introduced to when negotiating for Bigge St. as potential sub-letters. We both submitted separate proposals about 2 weeks at ago, and we just received a favorable response. This means we are in the next phase of working out final proposal terms, and then pulling together all the details to determine the feasibility for SFBACC to move forward with this property. So keep your fingers crossed that ‘third time’s a charm’ and this one works out for us. More updates to come soon.

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