Dear Fellow Curlers, Members, and Friends of Curling,

Since 1958, the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club has been bringing the excitement of curling to California. The club has responded to many challenges and achieved many successes over the past 55 years. Now it is about to undertake the largest project in its history: the dream of a Curling Center with ice dedicated to the sport we all so enjoy and love.

We, the undersigned, are long-time members of SFBACC and have been curling longer than we care to say. We believe SFBACC is ready to take on this huge undertaking, and this effort has our full support.

In 2010, a committee was established to determine the needs of the club and to project the growth potential. The Dedicated Ice Committee considered numerous models. No model completely addresses the needs of all curlers in the Bay Area. However, we believe that the current proposal addresses the needs of most members and maximizes the potential for long term growth. SFBACC is ready for dedicated ice, and now is the time.

A dedicated facility will do so much more than improve ice quality (though this is perhaps the benefit many of us are most looking forward to). We will be able to curl more frequently, at more favorable times of day. We will be able to play full, 8-end games. And our competitive curlers, who have already won silver and bronze medals at national competitions, will be able to go even further with the practice and training that only a dedicated facility can enable.

Dedicated ice will not only enable SFBACC to provide members with outstanding ice 7 days a week, but also to introduce more Bay Area residents to the sport, offer recreational and competitive curling for Bay Area Youth and wheelchair curlers, arrange specialized leagues for competitive curlers, seniors, and families, and to have the opportunity to host multiple bonspiels, play downs, championships, and curling tours.

It is a tribute to our curlers that members have hauled stones in the trunks of cars, pick-ups, and vans to places all over the western United States, worked with groups interested in curling, and helped them grow into viable curling clubs. It is now time to give our full attention to growing curling here in the Bay Area.

Will this be a challenge? Yes: building and operating a curling facility is expensive and requires a lot of volunteer effort. Is SFBACC up to the challenge—Yes! We can build our dream and be playing on dedicated ice by next Fall. However, this dream can only be realized with your full support, not only financially, but also by dedicating your time to help build and operate the new club.

We are a group of long time curlers, whose hearts will always be, no matter where we live or play, San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club members. We fully embrace the Dedicated Ice initiative and encourage all curlers, members, and friends of curling to do the same. So, please be generous with your time and money. We are confident that the spirit of our club will rally to this opportunity as it has so many times in the past.

The dream is now the goal! Let’s all make it happen.

Keep your brooms on the ice…and your eyes on the target,

[four-columns] [one_cell] [cell_text]Jerome Larson

Brent Halpenny

Carroll McCune

Gordon Mullin
[/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [cell_text]Past President

Past President

Past President

Longtime Sec./Treasurer
[/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [cell_text]Barry Ivy

Wes Seeger

Lyle Sieg
[/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [cell_text]Longtime Director

Longtime Director

Longtime Director
[/cell_text] [/one_cell_last]


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