Patience has finally paid off! We have reached agreement on leasing terms for the Bigge St. property off of 98th St. in Oakland (9812 Bigge St.). The Board reviewed the terms and passed a motion approving the LOI. The Board also decided that to sign a lease we need to have raised at least $250,000; we are currently at $147,000. So now is the time to not only be generous and give to the DI fund, but to get family and friends to support our love for this sport and donate and to talk to your fellow members encouraging them to do the same. We can do this, but time is of the essence: we only have until early January to hit this fundraising goal.

I would like to thank all the members who have volunteered their time and energy to get us this far. We still have a long journey ahead of us, and clearly fundraising is the next major milestone looming on the horizon.

So what happens next? First, we have a bunch of work to get completed, like updating the business plan and supporting materials for member review, organizing a member vote, negotiating the legal terms of the lease, and engaging with our architect to assess what, if any, building requirements we will need to satisfy to be approved for a conditional use permit. We then conduct the member vote approving the Board to execute the lease, and, assuming a majority vote “yes” and that we have raised the $250,000, we can then sign the lease — and then the real fun begins! If anyone is currently interested in helping in anyway, please let us know.

[break] Bigge Architectural Rendering

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