Hi everyone! This is the first of many frequent posts updating you on what’s happening with Dedicated Ice (DI). We’re hoping to post frequent updates on our progress as we get closer to building out a facility.

Members of the DI committee have been working with a Commercial Real Estate Broker (Cushman Wakefield) to help us find a suitable building somewhere between Oakland and Fremont. In December we started with a list of 42 properties. After reviewing the list with the broker and offering our feedback (too big, too small, wrong configuration, not close enough to public transportation, etc.), the broker created a short list of 11 properties — 2 in Oakland, 5 in San Leandro, and 3 in Hayward. The broker then collected some more information for us, which was then followed by another conference call to review the list. We narrowed it down to 5 properties — 4 in San Leandro and 1 in Hayward.

This week we checked them all out, and found 2 that can work for us (1 in San Leandro 1 in Hayward)! It’s pretty exciting; we are on a path to DI. Our next step is to evaluate each of these properties further to assess the scope of the upgrades and buildout required to turn them into a curling facility.

On a related note, want to help with this blog? The Dedicated Ice committee is looking for more individuals interested in being contributors and pulling together posts on project status and interesting tidbits about the process! Interested? Email Brian Davidson at bdavidson@bayareacurling.com!

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